Friday, July 18, 2014

Indy 500, 2014: Back to the Legion

May 24, 2014.  Feet thoroughly walked out and getting hot, so back to the legion across the street from the track.  I must have had my invisible shields up as the bartenders couldn't see me for quite awhile until some waving on my part flagged one down.  The other one who was dispensing closest to me, still didn't see me.  A trip to the eye doctor is strongly suggested for her.

Nowhere to sit in the bar area (and they had taken out the bar stools) so moved out onto the patio.

There was a Legion Rider motorcyclist from nearby Brownsburg, Indiana, who was there with his wife and  at their table.  He said they often cruise over to the Speedway Legion, but it appears it will not be much longer as the track wants to buy the property and turn the whole area along the track into a pedestrian mall.

He said that there was a proposal to allow the Legion to have property along Main Street which wouldn't be so bad as long as they have RV parking.

I talked to him about the recent time in 2012, when we were hit by the snowstorm in December coming down I-74 from Crawfordsville where we had to pull off and get a room.  He also said that the I-74 corridor often gets hit hard by bad weather.

He also said that the post, Speedway 500 had to h=get that very appropriate Speedway 500 name had to be gotten from another post.

Another Day, Another Legion.  --RoadDog

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