Saturday, July 19, 2014

Route 66's Joe Rogers Chili Parlor in Springfield, Ill. Reopens

From the July 15, 2014, Route 66 News.

Good news here, even though I didn't even know it was closed.

Joe Rogers' The Chili Parlor, in Springfield, Illinois has been serving chili and other good stuff since 1945 and unexpectedly closed this past April.  It is now called  The Chili Parlor as the current owners are not allowed to use the name Joe Rogers.

The place opened in 1945 at 1120 S. Grand Avenue, just a block off Route 66 but moved to 820 S. Ninth Street in 1997, right on the Mother Road.

The article says that like Cincinnati, Springfield is known for its chili (and, of course, their Horseshoe sandwiches.

We have eaten there once before and Liz was absolutely  unimpressed with the place, saying it was too oily.  I thought it was alright, but definitely not in the category of Cincy chili.

I believe I heard the place had something to do with the reopening of the famous Norb Andy's.


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