Friday, July 18, 2014

Illinois Route 66's Riviera Roadhouse's "Thrones"

And, then there were those mighty interesting "thrones" one could ascend to do their business downstairs.

I swear those toilets were at least 3-4 feet high and you had to go up several stairs to get to them.  Guys would have to stand a couple steps down to go #1.  Man, you could almost get air-headed at those heights.  I avoided using them as much as possible.  Liz said the one in the women's bathroom was similar.

Perhaps the reason for their height was the fact that the Mazon River flowed close alongside the Riviera, so it was necessary for pumping?

Someone had made a wooden plaque with the words "Al Capone Passed Gas Here in 1932" in the men's bathroom.  Bob Kraft said that the sign was stolen so often that they finally did a tracing of it and they handed it out as a souvenir of the Riviera Restaurant, Gardner, Illinois.  I have one of those tracings in our downstairs bathroom (which is not the "throne" up high they had at the Riviera).

I have to wonder how many inebriated folks were hurt falling off those thrones?

Those Thrones Were Quite the Experience.  --RoadDog

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