Friday, July 11, 2014

McCall's Bar-B-Que-- Part 1: That Good Old Eastern Carolina 'Cue

From the Feb. 2014, Our State Magazine (North Carolina" "Carolina 'Cue: McCall's Nar-B-Que" by T. Edward Nickens.

Byline "In Search of the People, Places, and Plates Behind Our Favorite Tradition."

And, its in my hometown of Goldsboro, North Carolina (where I was born and lived my first 4-5 years and a place I have often visited since).  Just about every time I go back, I eat at McCall's and nearby Wilber's.

Randy McCall doesn't much care for some of the things people are putting in their barbecue sauce these days, "A lot of this stuff just doesn't belong.  I just don't get it."

Many folks believe that McCall and his "partner in swine," Worth Westbrook, have that sauce about figured out just right at their McCall's Bar-B-Que & Seafood on U.S. Highway 70 Bypass on the outskirts of Goldsboro which has now been in business for 25 years.

They even have a second location in Clayton, NC, near Raleigh which opened in 2004 and had to close for a short time after a small plane crashed into it.

The two men were district managers for Ralston Purina Company in the early 1980s and shared the dream of owning their own business.  They didn't real;ly care what they sold, but Westbrook, who grew up on a Bentonville (Civil War battlefield) tobacco farm had the pull of pig, "just about everyone cooked pigs."

McCall is from the western NC town of Brevard, but was stationed at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in Goldsboro and ended up buying a nearby bbq shack from its owner and ran that for a few years, using the recipes from the former owner.

Lovin' That 'Cue.  --RoadDog

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