Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Chicago Lost Shopping: Gone But Not Forgotten-- Part 6

Stereo Studio  (Where I bought my first deejay equipment back in 1982.)
Open Pantry
White Hen Pantry
MusicLand  (Always a stop for me when visiting a mall.)

Peaches Records & Tapes
Montgomery Ward
Topps  (The first big discount store I ever went to in Rolling Meadows, Illinois.)
S.S. Kresge

Circuit City  (Before we had Best Buy, this was THE store and another one that cost me big bucks to go inside.  When they went out of business a few years back, it wasn't all that bad as by then I already didn't know what most of their stuff was.)

Eagle (grocery store)
Pacific Stereo  (Also bought deejay equipment from them.)

Brought Back a Lot of Memories.  --RoadDog

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