Saturday, February 8, 2014

WLS Top 40: February 7, 1964-- Part 1

From oldiesloon site. //// OK, fifty years ago, tomorrow, I was in front of the TV for the Ed Sullivan Show, something I didn't usually watch. We only had one TV and the parents got to watch what they wanted to see at night. //// I was in 7th grade at Winston Park Junior High School in Palatine, Illinois, in Mrs. Banie's 7-2 homeroom (I just remembered this and don't ask me where from). All the kids had been talking about for the previous several weeks was this group from England called the Beatles and everyone seemed to be inclined to watch it February 9th. //// Until now, I never listened to pop radio, I could just care less. But, I had begun listening to WLS and I imagine WCFL as well and was starting to get interested in these four guys (and the other music I was listening to). The Beatles had debuted on the weekly Silver Dollar Survey just two weeks earlier with "I Want to Hold Your Hand" at #40. January 31st, it was at #8 and this week...well, you can probably guess, but I'll get to it eventually. //// THE WLS TOP 40 SONGS IN CHICAGO: 40. COME ON-- Tommy Roe // 39. TALKING ABOUT MY BABY-- Impressions // ABIGAIL BEECHER-- Freddy Cannon // WHAT KIND OF FOOL-- Tams (HEY!! Beach Music!!) 36. SAGINAW MICHIGAN-- Lefty Frizzell (Country) //// 35. LITTLE BOY-- Crystals // IT'S ALL IN THE GAME-- Cliff Richard (From England, but not who-know-who) // 33. HARLEM SHUFFLE-- Bob & Earl // 32. TRUE LOVE GOES ON AND ON-- Burl Ives // THAT GIRL BELONGS TO YESTERDAY-- Gene Pitney. //// Things Were Definitely Chanfging Fast!! --RoadDog

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