Saturday, February 1, 2014

No Groundhog For Me Today

I was all set to drive to Woodstock, Illinois, for their annual Groundhog Day Festival which I have wrtten about in the last several posts. I really enjoy this event. //// But, the weather folks had forecast snow all day today which is exactly what we got. We had the third snowiest January ever with 33.5 inches of snow in Jnauary and we still have a lot from December, so we're kind of in snow up to our.... //// I went out three times to clear off the snow and figure we received around 5-7 inches. //// Here's hoping that rodent doesn't see his shadow tomorrow although I might just go there anyway for the Prognostication at 7:07 AM. Then see the movie at the theater in the Woodstock Square. //// Repeat After Me Over and Over, "No More Snow, No More Cold!!!!" --RoadDog

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