Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tourism Numbers High for Illinois Route 66's Pontiac-- Part 2

Why do they come to Pontiac. especially the foreign tourists? It's small-town America at its best. It's all there. Even Pontiac mayor Bob Russell often meets visitors. //// Plus, Route 66 is revered in Europe (sadly, even more than Americans who often opt for I-55 which passes by town). Whenever we're on the route, we always run into more Europeans than Americans. //// It is not uncommon for visitors to Chicago to take the train from there and spend some time Pontiac. //// So far for 2014, there are already bookings for 58 international groups, most of which spend 1-2 hours in town. Many of these groups are on 14-17-day trips on Route 66 from end-to-end (Chicago to L.A.). //// It Is So Sad That Our Route 66 Is Appreciated More By Europeans Than the Majority of Americans. --RoadDog

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