Thursday, February 6, 2014

White-Knuckle Driving: Ten Roads That'll Scare Ya-- Part 2

5. CALIFORNIA STATE ROUTE 1-- Many bridges, Big Sur, etc. Most folks know about this one. //// 6. TROLLSTIGEN, NORWAY-- "Troll's Path." Eleven hairpin turns and 9% grade. //// 7. YUNGAS ROAD, BOLIVIA-- "Death Road" No guardrails, 12-foot wide roadway, 2,000 foot plunges on the sides. //// 8. STELVIO PASS, ITALY-- Second-highest paved road in the Alps. Some 14% grades, 60 hairpin turns. //// 9. GUOLIANG TUNNEL ROAD, CHINA-- The government wouldn't build it, so the villagers did. //// TIAMEN SHAN BIG GATE ROAD, CHINA-- 99 curves. //// Of course, the actual article had pictures and much more information. //// What Are Those Finger Marks Doing On the Steering Wheel? --RoadDog

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