Thursday, February 6, 2014

Four of My White-Knuckle Drives

Exoanding on the two previous posts, I'd also like to include the drive from Kingman, Arizona to Oatman along the old Route 66. That was some drive, even though I didn't get to see the goldfish pond. (And, while in Oatman, watch out for the four-legged roadblocks. //// Also, there was the time we were too late to sign up for the cog railroad up to Pike's Peak in Colorado and drove it in the car. Talk about your hairpins!! //// Then, there was the "Rotary, " "Roundabout," "Traffic Circle" outside of Boston's Logan Airport. All traffic circles scare me. You never know where you're gong to get hit from. //// Another really bad stretch of road is I-55 between Joliet and Bloomington, Illinois, when it snows. We were on it once in a snowstorm with about five inches of unplowed snow and the big trucks whizzing by at 85 mph. //// Quite the Experience. --RoadDog

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