Saturday, February 15, 2014

While On the Subject of Route 66's Lincoln, Illinois

Not only does Lincoln, Illinois, have all that Abraham Lincoln heritage, but it has quite a bit of Route 66 as well. It is one of our favorite stops when cruisng the Mother Road. Right across from an old Texaco station, probably dating to the 50s-60s, they have their tourist center, a good place to start and which was vastly improved by former director Geoff Ladd whose blood had to run Route 66 red. //// Then there is a good place to stay in the Lincoln Motel (all of these on old Route 66). It was in bad shape, but Best Western took it over and its back to its glory days. Another old Route 66 motel is the Redwood Motel (1956), but it has seen better days. //// A great place to eat is the Bonanaza Sirloin Steakhouse (one of the old Bonanza chain and home of the best fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies you'll ever have. Hey, forget the steak, bring me the cookies. Old Cookie Monster would just die to be here. Then, their rolls are so good "They Don't need to be Throwed" like at the Lambert's Cafe places. //// Although it has been closed for many years now, the Tropics Restaurant (1942) uused to have great food and a really fine bar. We were happy to get to watch a Bear game here before it closed. And, thankfully, located at a corner as it is, Walgreens already has a corner store in town. I should really mention the great Tropics sign which still stands. And, I haven't even written about other neat places in Lincoln. //// We Really Hope They Reopen the Tropics. --RoadDog

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