Thursday, February 13, 2014

Illinois Route 66's Abe Down, But Not Out-- Part 4: It's a Lincoln Thing In Lincoln

Lincoln, Illinois, is about thirty miles north of Springfield and definitely is a town that goes out of its way to initiate and push anything dealing with its Lincoln heritage. //// It is the only town in the United States named for Abraham Lincoln before he was president. There is a statue of a watermelon by the train station to commemorate the August 1853 day when Lincoln christened the town's dedication with the juice of a watermelon (supposedly spitting it out). At the time, he was just the young lawyer of the railroad that went through the town and helped plat it out. //// The story is oft told of how Lincoln reportedly said that as far as the town being named for him that, "Nothing bearing the name Lincoln ever amounted to much." //// This April, a new Lincoln heritage Museum is opening in the town at the Lincoln College (guess who that was named after?). It is an improvement on the old one that housed a remarkable collection of Lincoln artifacts (as well as a piece of the World Trade Center). //// You can also visit the recreated Postville Court House where Lincoln practiced law while making his circuit. //// And, Then There Is All the Route 66 Stuff. --RoadDog

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