Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Tourism Numbers High for Illinois Route 66's Pontiac-- Part 3: What to See

What is there to see in Pontiac? Plenty and it gets more numerous every year. First off, there is that magnificent square and even more impressive courthouse. I would put that one up against the courthouse of any county in the country. Unfortunately, the only motel there, the Downtowner, was recently torn down for civic buildings. We used to stay there a lot, a motel right out of the 50s-60s and owned by a former German POW in World War II, who was held in this country and went back home afterwards, settled his affairs and moved to America. //// It was in walking distance of several downtown bars which we enjoyed, including one called Bob and Ringo's with all its animal heads and guns on the walls. A very interesting place. //// More to Come. --RoadDog

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