Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I Gotta Watch the Speed More

While cruising through the town of Huntley, Illinois, early into my trip, I saw a cop getting ready  to turn onto Il-47 going south.  He  got in behind me, one of the worst feelings you can get when driving.  I wasn't sure if I had been speeding as I wasn't really watching the speedometer at the time, but sure did when I saw him. I was sure happy I hadn't had a drink or two.  But even then, a cop behind you is never good.

A short time later, he passed me in the left lane.  I breathed a sigh of relief.

About a mile down the road, he pulled off...even better news.  Then another half mile down the road and he's back behind me again.  Not a good thing.

He continued following me past the tollway and mighty close to my  bumper.  Now what? Then, the lights came on.  I pulled over and, thank goodness, he pulled around me and pulled the guy over in front of me.

Breathing a Big Sigh of Relief, I Continued, But Kept an Eye on the Speed.  --RoadDog

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