Saturday, November 17, 2012

Road Music on the North Carolina Trip

Heading out for Thanksgiving with the family tomorrow morning, so, of course, I go nowhere without my music.  I like to bring along some CDs that I haven't listened to yet for the cruise.  Of course, I also listen to local radio stations in between the CDs.

I have three recent country CDs for this trip:

NIGHT TRAIN--  Jason Aldean
PUNCHING BAG--  Josh Turner

Then, there are two others that I have not heard before, oldies though they be:

BOOK OF DREAMS--  Steve Miller Band
BEST OF LOBO--  You remember "Me and You and a Dog Named ____."

I'm hoping to make it to Zanesville, Ohio, tomorrow night, then take the National Road to Cumberland, Maryland, Monday night and then tour the Antietam Battlefield on Tuesday and Goldsboro, NC, Wednesday.

Lots of Miles, Lots of Tunes.  --RoadDog

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DennyG said...

I'm sure you know all about these but I still gotta mention the marvelous 1849 suspension bridge in Wheeling and the two Madonnas (Wheeling, WV, & Beallsville, PA) you'll be passing. You might also want to take a peek at a Mason-Dixon Line marker at the PA-MD border. It's pretty small across the road from a NR mile marker.