Thursday, November 8, 2012

Where Folks Head For Their Fall Road Trips

From the Fall 2012 Allstate Motor Club Drivetime News.

Trip Advisor's Top Five fall activities.

1.  39%  View colorful fall foliage

2.  26%  Go wine tasting/visit vineyard

3.  22%  Go to a state/county fair or fall festival

4.  20%  Attend a football game/collegiate homecoming

5.  20%  Go to a food festival

Well, Liz and I did take our annual drive around Wisconsin's Geneva Lake (Lake Geneva as most call it) for the color.

And, I did go to four high school football games.  Liz and I went to four Northern Illinois games, two of which we actually attended in the stadium, the other two enjoying it outside the stadium and in a bar in Dekalb.

Best Watch Out for Those Wine Tasters on Those Colorful Roads.  --RoadDog

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