Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Shows of Myrtle Beach, SC-- Part 2: It's a Christmas Thing

Breakfasts both Tuesday and Wednesday were at Uncle John's Restaurant, a half block away from the Dayton House.  We got to choose from ten different breakfasts and this was much nicer than what you usually get in the motel lobbies.  I had an omelet the first day and French toast the second, both times with sausage and juice.

Tuesday, we went to the Tanger Outlet Shopping Center off US-17.  This was an upscale bargain center (kind of an at-odds concept if you ask me).  Since there is nothing really upscale about me, I wasn't too impressed and there weren't a lot of places of interest to me, so did a lot of walkning and only bought a couple things at the first store I went to, Vanity Fare.

Back to the hotel and rested before going to Benjamin's Calabash Buffet, and, wow.  Lots of nautical decor and more different kinds of seafood than you can imagine, including crablegs and probably ten kinds of shrimp.

Then, it was on to the Carolina Opry (next to Pirates Voyage) for their annual Christmas show, and was that ever an entertainment extravaganza.

I'll write more about it later.

Who Needs Branson With This MB.  --RoadDog

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