Saturday, November 17, 2012

Doing My Cincy Thing-- Part 2: Well, Chicago and Ohio

I'm listening to WXRT right now and Terri Hemmert, host of that great Breakfast With the Beatles show on Sunday mornings, is interviewing another Ohio expatriate and both said they were happy to get out of the state and to Chicago.

I have a love-hate emotion toward Chicago.  I love the history, buildings and sports teams, plus, I grew up in the Northwest Suburbs so that is always home turf to me, but hate the rip-off prices you encounter everywhere, especially downtown.  We used to go to places in Chicago two or three times a month until the Cubs got lights back in the 80s and then the city instituted the on-street parking bans for out-of-city folk and, of course, now, there is that whole expensive parking meter thing.  I go to Chicago maybe once a year now.

Ohio, on the other hand is one great state.  I like it all.  It started with Cleveland, and especially the area called the Flats and then for many years, Put-In-Bay by Toledo/Sanduskey on America;s North Coast. Of course, then there are those two great performers from Put-In-Bay, Mike "Mad Dog" Adams and Pat Dailey.

 Most recently, thanks to my buddy Denny, it's been Cincinnati.  Besides being the setting for my all-time favorite sit-com, "WKRP in Cincinnati," this is one varied, amazing city.  I'm thinking right now of getting there for the Reds' season opener in April this spring.

And, then, there's that great Cincy chili.  I'm figuring on stopping on I-70 tomorrow to get some of that stuff at he Skyline Chili place located north of Dayton.

Sure Lovin' That State.  --RoadDog

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