Friday, July 27, 2012

Eating At Lou Mitchell's In Chicago-- Part 1

When Denny told me he was going to meet up with Dave Clark for a walking tour, I was tempted too meet him then, but, when he said they were having breakfast at Lou Mitchell's on Jackson Street in Chicago, it was a done deal.  I'd never eaten at the place before I got into Route 66 and had driven by it several times and eaten there once since 2002.

I'm not much one to pass up that opportunity, so, it was all aboard the train and $15,50 later, we choo-chooed our way to Chicago's Union Station where I was practically run over in the stampede out of the place.  Those are sure some real fast walkers.  With great dexterity, I survived and even found my way to Jackson Street after getting  out on Adams.  I always get lost in the new Union Station (never in the Great Hall).

Lou Mitchell's is easy to find with the flashing light bulbs.  Then, there was good old Denny waiting outside.  Like I said in an earlier post, I had just seen him in Cincinnati on Tuesday.  So, we meet again.  This time on my home turf.

Then, we had the great donut caper.  When Dave Clark arrived we inside and felt pretty special being given those Sugar Daddies (or is it Sugar Babies?).  Turns out, they were Milk Duds, shows you how observant I am.  Either way, they are good.  I think Denny didn't eat his because he plans to build a display around them back home in Cincy.  I wonder how they'd taste on Cincinnati chili?  Then, you could have a seven-way.  Maybe call 'em Dud Chili.

More to Come.  --RoadDog

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