Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Dead Man's Waltz in Cincy

Yesterday, Denny and I kicked off our day with the dead and ended it with the dying (at the time).

The first place we went on our eat and drink our way across the two-state area (Ohio and Kentucky) was the magnificent old Spring Grove Cemetery and after some searching and with the help of the staff, we found the graves of Civil War Confederate Colonel/General (still some question about his rank) Philip N. Luckett and Union generals Godfrey Weitzel and Jacob Cox (who were involved with Fort Fisher).  Lastly were two really big names in the war, Lincoln's Secretary of the Treasury Salmon P. Chase and General
"Fighting Joe" Hooker.

A total of 40 Union generals (mostly by brevet) and the one Confederate colonel/general are buried there.

While we were driving around (listening to tunes), we got to talking about the song "Lawyer's, Guns and Money" and when we got back, Denny mentioned that he had the very last album recorded by Warren Zevon, the Wind.  I knew about it, but had never heard it.  Well, we just had to pop it on.

A lot of downer songs, but then Denny said that even in health, Warren's music was on the weird side.  I had to agree.

This morning, we watched his last appearance on the David Letterman Show.  He still had a great sense of humor and sang three of his songs, two I'd never heard and then "Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner."

Doing That Waltz.  --RoadDog

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