Tuesday, July 17, 2012

100 North Carolina Icons-- Part 7

61.  FRASER FIRS--  It just wouldn't be Christmas Eve without 'em.

62.  NC STATE FAIR--  Food, food and food.  Fun, fun and fun.

63.  EARL SCRUGGS--  Before the devil went down to Georgia, this guy was pickin' that banjo.

64.  RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK--  Lots of smarts here.

65.  82ND AIRBORNE--  They jumped at Normandy and they're still jumping at Fort Bragg.

66.  ACC BASKETBALL--  What can I say!!  Even if I am becoming more of a Big Ten basketball fan.

67.  BARBECUE--  Nothing could be finah than eating some of this, be it eastern or western Carolina BBQ.

68.  CHEROKEE INDIANS--  A key piece of our culture, somewhat shamefully so.  But still a proud people.

69.  AZALEAS--  A welcome sight every spring.  And, then there's that NC Azalea Festival in Wilmington.

70.  MOONSHINE--  Some say it tastes like gasoline, but I've had some of the smoothest, best-tasting shine ever.  Hey, no NASCAR without it.

Thirty to Go.  --RoadDog

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