Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Day Downriver on the Chain Crawl-- Part 3

Next stop was at Dead End Saloon in Fox River Grove, right by the US-14 (Northwest Highway) bridge.  We liked this place from last year's Chain Crawl.  We had coupons for half off pizza, but they don't start making it until 5 PM, Monday through Friday, so we ordered a really great cheeseburger.

Then to Port Barrington in Port Barrington.  Along the way, we passed a really neat waterfall someone on a bluff has made.  It has been on TV.  Only wish it had been on.  Plus, we found another bald eagle nest that we had read about on the Fun On the Fox website.  There were some young ones in it, but the water by the tree was way too shallow to get too close to it.

We liked Port Barrington in the old building it used to be in (from the 1880s) which was torn down to make some upscale town homes.  The new one is nice, but lacks the character.  Not many drink or food deals either.

Last stop was at one of our favorite places on the river, Hermann's Low Life Bar.  The name says it all, our kind of place.  Buck drafts today as well.  It is on a series of channels running off the main river and has been owned by the same family since the 1930s.  Always fun to listen to the owner and locals swap stories and cut-downs.  Then, there is that Hot Cop Porn.

The menu is on a board by the bar and everyone kept changing hot pop corn to the other name until they just decided to let it go.

Then, back through the lock (again, no waiting) and last stop was at the Legion by US-12 in Fox Lake.

A Good Day of Boating.  --RoadDog

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