Friday, July 13, 2012

100 North Carolina Icons-- Part 3

Today, I played a little Name That Icon game with my cousin, her husband, my sister, aunt and mother. All but my cousin's husband are Tarheels, but even though he is a Virginian, he held his own.  In case my aunt reads this, I need to relate that she is really a Blue Devil, not a Tarheel.

21.  Pepsi--  founded in New Bern.  Wins the taste test in my book, but I'm a bit biased.
22.  Blackbeard--  hung out all over the coast and they're recovering items from what they belive to be his ship, the Queen Anne's Revenge.

23.  Seagrove Pottery--  Over 100 potters spinning and spinning and spinning.
24.  Mount Olive Pickles--  The pickle plant is actually at the corner of Cucumber and Vine streets.  How pickled is that?  Dad was born in Mount Olive so I am also biased about it.  I love that I can now buy it in Illinois.

25.  Uwharries--something about a very old mountain range.  Never heard of it.
26.  Tobacco barns--  Once all over the place and the backbone of the NC economy.  Fewer and fewer every  year.

27.  Shagging--  The official dance of us Beach Music folks.
28.  Muscadine Wine--  might even help you shag better.

29.  Carolina Style Hamburger--  with mustard, slaw, chili and onions.  What!  No slaw dogs?  Waiting for a national chain to get it.
30.  Battleship USS North Carolina--  one mighty impressive warship docked in Wilmington since the early 1960s.

Seventy More to Go.  --RoadDog

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