Saturday, July 14, 2012

100 North Carolina Icons-- Part 4

31.  Sandhills--  Southern Pines is the horse capital of NC, Pinehurst is the golf capital and Candor is the peach capital  These are all in the sandhills, formed 25 million years ago.

32.  Norfolk Southern Railway--  Its predecessor was the Southern Railway.

33.  Neese's Sausage--  Making 'em since 1917.  Never heard of 'em myself, but willing to try.

34.  Krispy Kreme--  Which way do I go.  Wait a minute, today I had Britt's Donuts from Carolina Beach.  Even better.

35.  Intercoastal Waterway--  Cutting through 300 miles of sounds, rivers, creeks and marshes.  One of the Army Corps of Engineers most impressive accomplishments ever.  We crossed it four times today.

36.  Asheville--  A different kind of a place for a different kind of folk.  Check out the McDonald's by the I-40 exit for Icon #10 to see one reason.

37.  Barrier Islands--  They protect the mainland.  I've been on one since Wednesday night.

38.  Live Oaks--  Not your typical oak tree.  Saw a lot of them today at Fort Fisher.

39.  Hanes--  In the late 1800s, the Hanes brothers owned a tobacco business, but in 1900, RJR bought them out and they started making socks.

40.  NC Zoo-- 1,500 acres where the animals get to see silly humans making faces at them.

Sixty More to Go.  --RoadDog

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