Monday, July 2, 2012

A Day Downriver on the Chain Crawl-- Part 2

This was a major day for getting our Chain Crawl passports stamped with the places farthest downriver.  Like I said in the previous post, June 26th, we used to go all the way south to Algonquin every year at least once, but probably back around 1992, we found ourselves not welcome at Port Edwards, the last place before the dam, because we weren't in proper fancy attire (Hey, we were out boating!!  S'cuse us!!).

And, they had the only place to dock.  Had the village had their own, we would have gone as they had several neat little bars (since torn down) that we could have visited.

Port Edwards, an upscale place, was not on the Crawl last year and we were wondering if we would be told to leave.  But, we weren't.  Sat at the bar with a great view of the river and had a couple drinks.  The Chain Crawl book has coupons and this place had buy two drinks and get a free appetizer.  And considering all their appetizers were at least $8, a real good deal.  So we all ordered.  Great deal and the bartender couldn't have been friendlier.

I inquied about the old paddlewheel boat, the Algonquin Princess,  that used to be there.  She said it was until a few years ago  when its owner and captain died.  His kids did not want to continue the business and it was sold and now is located at Gage Marine in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.  We'll have to look for it the nexrt time we're up there.

Next Stop, Dead End Saloon.  --RoadDog

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