Thursday, July 27, 2017

Tastin' and Fiestin'-- Part 3: Five Bars, Three Bands, One Art


We drove to McHenry, Illinois, for their annual Fiesta Days Art in the Park and Street Party.  We call the street party the annual Drunkathon as there sure is a lot of drinking and one of the few times you can have an alcoholic drink on the street and not get arrested in Illinois.  Cops are there, but just keep an eye on things.

First stop was Chain O' Lakes Brewery.  We had decided to go to several places on the Chain Crawl passport book and have it signed.  The Chain Crawl involves about 40 places on or near the Fox River and Chain of Lakes where you get a  passport book stamped.  At the end of the season we have a big party and the more stamps you have the better your chances of winning prizes.

Chain O' Lakes Brewery is a craft brewery with $5 beers.  I don't much like $5 beers.  Too expensive for my blood.  But, I do like different beers.  We went outside to the biergarten and watched a band play.

Walked through Veterans Park and looked at the crafts vendors booths.  Didn't buy anythng, but sure wanted to.

Then, I went to the Vinyl Frontier and bought some CDs and afterwards met Liz at Corkscrew Pointe where she had gotten another passport stamp.  They had big buckets of rumrunners for $4.  Another passport stamp place, After the Fox, wasn't going to open until 5 p.m., after the street party closed.

Sat outside the Town Tap and had a beer and then i went back out to the street and saw two bands playing classic rock.

Last stop in McHenry was at the PLAV, Polish Legion of American Veterans, to cool off and enjoy their $1 drafts.

Then we drove to Half-Times in Johnsburg where they were having a delebration for the opening of their new addition with $1 draft pints and food specials.  A band was setting up, but we left before they began.  Last stop on the way home was Sunnyside Tap also in Johnsburg.

A Goof Time, But Too Much.  --RoadDog

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