Thursday, July 13, 2017

13 Must-See Sights on 66-- Part 2: Drive-In, Old Riverton Store and Pops

3.  66 Drive-In Theater--  Carthage, Missouri.  Opened in 1949.

4.  Nelson's Old Riverton Store--  Riverton, Kansas.  Opened in 1925 as the Williams Store and for a long time was the Eisler Brothers Store.  My wife told me a few days ago that it had been torn down.  Bad news.

CORRECTION.  It was not torn down.  Liz misread the article about buildings across the street being torn down and not Nelson's.  Thanks LuLu for pointing that out to Liz.

5.  Pops--  Arcadia, Oklahoma.  Has 700 flavors of pop, or do you call it soda pop or soda?  Its 66-foot tall neon soda bottle is a real looker.  This wasn't there when we last went through there in 2006.  Looking forward to seeing it this fall.

Maybe have a Sodee Pop or Two.  RoadDog

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