Saturday, July 8, 2017

N.C. Jan. 2017-- Part 21: Tallking CDs, DJs and You Tube


Walked along the top of the sand dune berm and looked at the ocean on a pretty good day, weatherwise, for January.

I then took a walk along the front row of stores (and bars) and decided to check out a souvenir store.  I was impressed.  They had a huge collection of beach-related Christmas ornaments (but I avoided buying any, but I sure wanted to).  I did spend some time going through a big collection of used CDs which I, of course, had to thumb through all of them.

I bought five CDs and found out the owner, who was tending store, was a deejay and he was selling his CDs while recording You Tube download songs on his laptop which he will now use in his shows.

I agree that You Tube is one of the best sources of music anywhere.  I use it when I am doing my once a month WLS Top 40 list on my Down Da Road I Go Blog.  The other weeks, I post the Top Ten and generally know those songs, but when I get to numbers 21-40, there are always several (sometimes a lot) of songs that I don't know, so its to You Tube I go.  Only once or twice have I been unable to find a particular song.

He also told me about a place he hangs out at when not at the store or deejaying.  It is the Fat Pelican on US-421 in Carolina Beach.  I'll have to check it out.  He also spends time at my favorite Carolina Beach bar, the Silver Dollar Saloon.

Two things I really enjoy doing (well three things) and they are hanging around with knowledgeable music people, Civil War people and road people.


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