Friday, July 14, 2017

News From Along 66, June 2017: Farms, Book and Movie

JUNE 12--  The old Gillett Farm on the top of Elkhart Hill in Elkhart, Illinois, will be auctioned off.  It is sure hard to miss Elkhart Hill as it is the highest ground between Chicago and St. Louis.

John Dean Gillett was called the "Cattle King of the World" back in 1860.  he was a friend of Abraham Lincoln.

I imagine he made quite a bit of money supplying beef to the Union armies during the Civil War.

JUNE 14--  There is a new book out called "The 1928 Bunion Derby" by James R. Powell.  It is about the 3,423 mile Trans-American Footrace between Los Angeles and New York City.  But, those of us Route 66 fans knew that.

JUNE 16--  Movie Review on "Cars 3."  "Represents a return to the emotional core of the original 2006 film."

I saw it yesterday and sure did enjoy it.  Sadly, our local theater is pulling it after just three weeks, so it must not have done all that well.


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