Saturday, July 1, 2017

N.C. Jan. 2017-- Part 17: Closing Up the Condo


Sunrise at the beach, but not as pretty as the last ones.

It is Martin Luther King day so I probably won't be able to pay the Topsail Beach water and garbage bill at the town hall.  I had forgotten about the holiday.

I saw that the NBA is looking to shorten their games, just as the NFL and MLB have done because ratings have dropped.  The biggest reason for the drop is millennials.  I can tell you, try to catch one not staring and playing with their "Idge" phones.  Another problem, especially in college football, is in the near constant stream of commercials and all those commercial timeouts.

Bob, Andy and I went back to the condo to move a few things out and raid the fridge  We were happy to see that all the condo garbage cans (and we had used everybody's) had been emptied and the huge pile of junk out by the street was gone.  Thanks Topsail Beach garbage men.

We went out to the beach one last time.  I am sure going to miss Mom's condo at Topsail Arms.  It was always a very relaxing place to go.  Bob and Andy drove back to Goldsboro.

On the way out of Topsail Beach, I stopped at the town hall, and as expected, it was closed.  The place we had consigned items to was also closed so I wasn't able to drop that off either.

Drove to Wilmington on the ever busy US-17 and then U.S.-17 Business to College Avenue.  How those roads can handle so much traffic is anybody's guess.  I really hate driving anywhere near or through Wilmington, which also has lots and lots of photo-enforced stoplights.


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