Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Flooding Here in the Chain of Lakes Area in Illinois

Last Wednesday morning, in the wee hours, we had a torrential downpour here in the Chain of Lakes area in northeast Illinois by the Wisconsin state line.  We got anywhere from five to eight inches in about four hours and then had a couple of other big storms come through.

We had some flooding in our subdivision, which is about two miles from the Fox River, but that was just runoff.  The water in the retention pond behind our house got up to about 2/3 capacity, but has dropped down since then, though there is still some in it.

That was bad enough, but southern Wisconsin also got hammered and their water all ran off southward in the Fox River which has caused much flooding here.  Kind of strange as the water is rising, even though we have't had rain but one time for a short bit since then.

We are worried about our boat, which is still in the water in a channel off of Fox Lake, along with a lot of other boats.  The boat is riding up high and we're hoping that the pier will hold, and especially the posts.  Thankfully, boats float, but there is a question of where they might go should they come loose.

The water has finally stopped rising and is going down very slowly.

Hey, Anybody Seen My Boat?  --RoadDog

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