Friday, March 11, 2016

News From Along Route 66, January 2016: Of Burros and Gas Stations

JANUARY 21ST--  One Mohave County, Arizona, official offered a proposal to allow hunting for wild burros to reduce the population.  Oatman, of course, got upset and the suggestion was quickly voted down.  Gotta love those burros, part of what makes Oatman the special place it is.  If there are too many, catch some and give them other homes or release them far away.

JANUARY 24TH--  Sprague Super Service Station in Normal, Illinois, is to have a visitors center and gift shop by spring.  The station was built in 1931, designed as both station and residence.  It is on the NRHP.  The city of Normal is assisting in the effort.

It is so nice to see Normal and Bloomington have FINALLY realized the importance of their Route 66 heritage and working on it.  Maybe we'll have to start driving through the two towns instead of interstating 55 around them.


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