Tuesday, March 8, 2016

A Brief History of Barbecue-- Part 5: Hush Puppies a Unifier

1953--  Warner Stamey opens his first restaurant in Greensboro.  He begins serving hush puppies, which are perhaps the only olive-branch between the supporters of Eastern-style 'cue and Lexington-style 'cue.

1958--  Lay's barbecue flavored potato chips are developed.  Their generic barbecue flavor is probably more appealing in states where barbecue sauce tastes more like gym socks.

1982--  Reidsville restaurant Short Sugar's is declared the winner of NC/SC Barbecue Bowl, forever settling the debate:  North Carolina certifiably has better barbecue.

And, I Would Be Willing to bet there Are Some South Carolinians Who Just Might Not Agree With the Last Statement.  --RoadDog

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