Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Carolina Barbecue Sides-- Part 2: Hush Puppies

Another favorite of mine, especially served piping hot right out of the fryer.

"Slightly, slightly sweet.  And lighter than you'd expect.  A leaden hush puppy is an item of unmatched sadness.  Round is fine, but oblong is preferable -- the surface to interior ratio is better.

"Also, you can point at your tablemate with an oblong hush puppy -- all the better to punctuate your feelings about the slaw, my dear."

And, then there is that special concoction of a sa'mich they serve at King's Barbecue in Kinston, N.C. called a Pig in a Puppy that combines the best of both worlds.  It is a generous pile of their famous 'cue served inside two halves of a giant hush puppy.

You Want to Talk About Something Good!!   Try This.  --RoadDog

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