Thursday, March 10, 2016

Is It True That McDonald's Started Off With Barbecue? That and Chains

From Feb. 2016 Our State "Staying True" by Jeremy Markovich.

Talking about some fear that Carolina barbecue might go national with franchises all over the place.

"After finding success serving hot dogs and hamburgers, McDonald's opened a barbecue stand in California in 1940 (pre Ray Kroc).  But it struggled.  Eight years later McDonald's got rid of of the pits (where it is cooked) and pork."

"The last big barbecue push peaked in 1965, when Little Pigs of America had more than 200 barbecue restaurants in the United States and Canada.  The company went bankrupt.

"There are  more than a dozen regional barbecue chains across the country."

But, none of these compare to True Carolina Barbecue.

Would You Like McSlaw and McPuppies With That Mc'Cue?  --RoadDog

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