Monday, March 7, 2016

A Brief History of Barbecue-- Part 3: What's Your Take On the Name?

1899--  Mrs. Katie Nunn runs an ad in the Charlotte Observer for what may be the first barbecue restaurant in North Carolina, advertising the opening of a barbecue stand and a grocery.

20TH CENTURY--  Tensions develop over the spelling of "barbecue."

Sometimes it's barbeque, Bar-B-Q, or BBQ, and sometimes it's simply cue or Q, likely because restaurants could save advertising money shortening an eight-letter word to three.

1916--  Lexington-style barbecue is born when Sid Weaver cooks it in a tent opposite the courthouse in Lexington.

Jesse Swicegood then sets up a competing tent.  Today, the area has more than a dozen barbecue restaurants.

So Many Places, So Little Time.  --RoadDog

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