Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Big Tap!: Winners of First Round-- Part 1: Club Moderne

The National Trust for Historic Preservation announced the winners of the first round.  Each pairing will face off in Round 2.


Genoa Bar in Nevada, 61% over Michigan's Ambassador
New York's Irish Haven 54% over New York's Jullus' Bar

California's Townhouse and Del Monte Speakeasy 66% over Red Restaurant and Bar
Montana's Club Moderne 70% over Milwaukee's Bryant's Cocktail Lounge


Indiana's Knickerbocker Saloon 61% over Cleveland's Stone Mad Pub
Maryland's The Horse You came In On Saloon 56% over Annapolis' 1747 Pub

Maryland's Middleton 51% over Delaware's Jessop
Virginia's Gadsby's 68% over Kansas' Hays House

You Can Vote on Round 2 Until Friday.  --RoadDog

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