Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Carolina Barbecue Sides-- Part 1: Slaw

Our State Feb. 2016 "Barbecue 101"  by Drew Perry.

"So, all right.  We can't move forward without slaw.  Slaw makes the barbecue sandwich, but I'll alsohold that a chopped plate is incomplete without it.  It's the backup band.  The piano player.  It's the crisp against which the sultry is played.

"And like everything else attendant to barbecue, there are sects:  the crowd that supports vinegar-based, and those who prefer slaw made with, as my mother-in-law says, 'that slop mayonnaise.'

"The simpler Piedmont sl;aw, though -- plain-old diced red cabbage soaked in vinegar, a slaw that makes your teeth squeak -- will do in a pinch."

I can eat bbq straight, but normally I really like to have a fork full of half 'cue and half slaw with every bite.

Oh yes, a barbecue sandwich is just so much better with a slab of slaw on top of it.

--RoadDog Gettin' Hongry.  --RoadDog

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