Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Fall of Saigon 40 Years Ago

I sure did a lot of TV watching these days as that war that I thought would never end (I figured we'd still be there) was actually coming to an end.  I did a lot of discussing about it with my classes (as I was teaching at the time).

And, this is a war I very nearly served in as my draft lottery number was 22.  That meant you went to Vietnam or Canada.  I would have much more been willing to go to Vietnam if I thought we were actually trying to win the war.  I didn't think we were trying to win. When at war, you do everything and anything you can to win it as fast as possible.  We weren't.

I even joined the USMC Platoon Leaders Class figuring I'd have to go sand if I did, I'd go as an officer.

Fortunately, the war ended before that came to pass.

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