Saturday, April 18, 2015

Al Capone's Miami Beach Mansion Being Restored-- Part 1

From the March 20, 2015, Chicago Tribune "Al Capone's restored mansion gets new life" by Curt Anderson, AP.

He bought it in 1928 for a warm getaway and consists of three houses and overlooks Biscayne Bay.It was bought by Marco Bruzzi for $8 million and has had an additional $1.75 million in renovations.  They are keeping as many 1920s touches as possible.

FAMILY LIFE:  Deidre Marie Capone, Capone's grandniece, learned to ride a bike and swim there and remembers him as "Uncle Al" who wore an apron when cooking.

ESCAPING CHICAGO WINTERS:  Capone paid $40,000 for it in 1928 and spent time there during the winter.  Protected by a seven foot high wall and a heavy gate.  Capone loved to hit the local nightclubs and racetracks.

ST. VALENTINE'S DAY MASSACRE:  Capone had an alibi for the Feb. 14, 1929, killings.  He was in Miami Beach at the house.


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