Wednesday, April 15, 2015

America's Most Thrilling Roads-- Part 2: Chicago's Lower Wacker Drive

Continued from April 12th.

6.  NATCHEZ TRACE--  Mississippi and Tennessee.   444 miles.

7.  CHEVOHALA SKYWAY--  Tennessee and North Carolina.  Best for motorcycles.  43 unbelievable miles.  Try it if you dare.

8.  TAIL OF THE DRAGON--  North Carolina.  11 miles, US-29.  Prepare for 318 turns.  Almost every corner is fun.

9.  LA RUTA PANORAMICA, PUERTO RICO--  By mayaguez.  many, many switchbacks.

10.  LOWER WACKER DRIVE, CHICAGO--  2.2 miles  Might be the most dangerous on the list.  It is the setting for many Hollywood movies and "deserves a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame."  Seen in "Batman Begins" and "Blue Brothers.  Renovations the last few years have removed many of the abundant pillars and obstructions, however.


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