Friday, April 3, 2015

100th Anniversary of the Dixie Highway Today-- Part 1

From the Tallahassee (Fla) Democrat "Dixie Highway brought paved roads to the South" by Gerald Ensley.

Today marks the 100 anniversary of the creation of the Dixie Highway, linking the Midwest to the South for the first time by improved roads.

Georgia Public Broadcasting TV will air a documentary on the Dixie Highway on Tuesday at 8 p.m.  In Florida, there is a display on the road at the State Library at the R.A. Gray Building.

Today is the 100th anniversary because on this date an organizational meeting of 5,000 delegates convened in Chattanooga, Tennessee on April 3, 1915.  It drew representatives from 100 towns in seven states: Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois.

And, then there was this man named Carl Fisher.


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