Thursday, April 2, 2015

2015 Eagle Update, April 2nd

SOUTHWEST FLORIDA  NORTH FORT MYERS:  Ozzie (father) is still being cared for after his near death experience.  Harriet (mother) is still fighting off a pair of intruder bald eagle.  E-6, the eaglet is busy exploring his surround area after fledging.  He spent quite a while on the ground over the weekend and encountered horses and a human.

BERRY COLLEGE GEORGIA.  The two eaglets are growing fast and dealing with their huge talons which make movement difficult at this stage.

ALCOA: BETTENDORF, IOWA:  Still on the nest, but hatching should take place by next week.  One egg.

DECORAH, IOWA:  The third egg hatched this morning.  Now have three eaglets in the heavy head bandido stage.  They have big trouble holding their heads up.  The bonking has begun.


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