Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easter Trip Back to Our Past-- Part 3: Burger King

Going west on US-14, Northwest Highway, we passed the old Dairy Queen and Topps Big Boy Restaurant (with the Big Boy statue) although it is the Route 14 Cafe now.

The main building for us along this stretch is the old Burger King.  This is where I got my first job in 1967 after I turned 16.  I was paid $1 an hour at first and all the Whoppers I could eat (I invented the triple burger, triple cheese Whopper).  I worked here from summer 1967 until the summer of 1970, when my family moved to Atlanta when Dad was transferred.

The first building I worked at was the original Burger King design with dining area added.  It was torn down a year after I started working there and a more modern structure built.

Back then, a Whopper was 49 cents.  You could get a Whopper, fries and small drink for 94 cents.  With large drink it was 98 cents (tax included).

Those of us working there may not have been paid a lot, but we made up with it by having fun.  We worked hard though, during rush hours and prided ourselves on getting customers out within a minute after they placed their order.  After cleanup, it was time for fun, unless one of the bosses, Jerry, was there.  But, it was ok if Mr. G or Bobby (the other two owners) were there.

Liz and I ate there quite often when I wasn't working.  As a matter of fact, the place was so much fun, you'd usually find several off work employees there at any given time.  It was our hangout.

I Sure Enjoyed My Time There.  --RoadDog

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