Monday, April 6, 2015

Spring Grove, Illinois, Perhaps Is a College Town

And, all this time, I thought it was only a pro sports village at least as far as folks watching and backing collegiate teams at local watering holes.

Saturday, we went to the American Legion in Fox Lake, just down the road from Spring Grove on US-12.  We watched the Neil Rose Band play rockin' blues from 3 to 6.  The last hour, all TVs were tuned into the Duke-Michigan State and folks were dancing, singing and watching.  Good game at first.

After the band quit (where you going to get a band playing in the afternoon), we drove the five miles back to Spring Grove and stopped at Antonio's to see if Kelly and Cathy were there.  Kelly is a huge Michigan State fan so figured it would be fun to watch the second half with him.  

I was wearing my Duke shirt and hat, but actually was pulling for the Spartans as I like both teams.

Cathy was there, but Kelly was at home watching the game.  He came up at the end of the game, all sad and down after that route.

Meanwhile, i had gotten into a discussion with another patron about college and pro basketball.  I know a lot, but nothing compared to this guy.

Then, the Wisconsin-Kentucky game came on.  Every TV in the place was tuned to it and the jukebox turned off.  Most everyone was watching and cheering the Badgers on to a victory.  And what a game it was.  One of the best ever and the Badgers WON!!

So, sometimes at least, Spring Grovers like college sports.


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