Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter Trip Back To Our Past-- Part 1: A Cemetery and Chicago's Northwest Suburbs

April 5th, Easter, was a beautiful day around here, so Liz and I decided to take a drive back to Chicago's Northwest Suburbs, where we met back in 1967 and take a look around.

We drove the heavily stoplighted, many, many photo-enforced lights and battled traffic US-12, (Rand Road) to Arlington Heights and went to Memory Gardens Cemetery where her parents are buried.

On docket was some cleanup around the marker and put fresh flowers and a U.S. flag in the vase.  Her father Amby was a major in World War II, where he met her mother while stationed in Kansas in the ordnance department.  he was from Green Bay, Wisconsin, so the war enabled them to meet.

We then drove Euclid through Arlington Heights, past the old (no-longer used) Arlington High School, which was a big nemesis of us when we were at Palatine High School.  They beat us all the time.  But, we had the last laugh, Palatine High School still exists.

Once on US-14 (Northwest Highway), we drove through familiar area to palatine.  We passed the site of what was at one time a Cock Robin restaurant featuring the great burgers and the Million In One Shakes.  Liz said they used to be called Prince Castle when they were in Chicago.


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