Saturday, April 18, 2015

Did My Part for Record Store Day

I just got back from The Vinyl Frontier record store in McHenry, Illinois, with my booty:  four albums and one CD.  I saw pictures of people lined up before the 8 a.m. opening and crowds.  There were about 12 people in there when I arrived around 2 p.m..  It made for lots of fun getting down the narrow aisles.

The CD was UK Jive by the Kinks (1989). $5.99

The albums:

IN ONE EAR AND OUT THE OTHER--  Buckinghams  No date on it, but judging by the hair and outfits, I'd have to say the mid-60s. Columbia Records  $3

WHEN A MAN LOVES A WOMAN--  Percy Sledge.  Even more appropriate with his death this past week.  Album cover featuring a white girl.  No date, but I know it is around 1966.Atlantic Records  $4

THE NASHVILLE SOUND--  Various artists.  Design Records.  How can you go wrong with Carl Belew, Patsy Cline, Ferlin Husky, Rocky Bill Ford and Hank Locklin?  $3

WILD & CRAZY HITS--  Various Artists. 18 songs.  ERA Records.  Like a K-Tel album. $3

Mr. Custer--  Larry Verne
Alley-Oop--  Hollywood Argyles
Running Bear--  Johnny Preston
The Birds and the Bees--  Jewel Akens
Yakety Yak--  Coasters
Wooly Bully--  Sam the Sham
And Others.

Did My Part.  Now to Break Out the Old Turntable.  --RoadDog

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