Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Route 66 News for February 2015: Death of Mr. "C." in Missouri

FEBRUARY 21ST:  Route 66 Sodas owner Scott Cameron has died at age 76... Not only did he make that great Route 66 Route Beer, but also ran Mr. C.'s Route Post in Lebanon, Missouri.  This was a really fine souvenir place and in true tourist trap classification.

I didn't know this, but he also a ran an organization whose goal was to recover royalties for blues musicians and was a friend to Muddy Waters and Willie Dixon.  I would have loved to talk with him about that.

Here's hoping that someone keeps the place open and continues making that pop in those glass bottles.

FEBRUARY 23RD:  The Best Western Route 66 Program is paying dividends in increased travel and knowledge about the road.  Plus, it is helping their room rentals.  Hitching your company (or town) to Route 66 can never hurt you.

Do You hear that, Bloomington-Normal?  I also have never understood why any place on the old Route 66 wouldn't have a shield up or sign announcing it.

FEBRUARY 25TH:  There are two developmental proposals for the long-closed De Anza Motel in Albuquerque.  One is for it to be a boutique motel and the other is for a motel/condo effort.

I'll take either one.  Anything is better than losing it altogether.


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