Saturday, April 25, 2015

Me and the Luggage Cart, or, the Luggage Cart and I?

I got to know this luggage rack at the Holiday Inn Express in Savannah quite well yesterday.  The hotel is located right downtown by the river and had valet parking, so we had to unload the things we needed to bring in so used the cart as otherwise it would have been several trips.

We  checked in and got our room on the 7th floor.  So up the elevator we went. This was slow because one of the two elevators was broken.  It was supposed to have a balcony room, but this one didn't have one.  We mentioned the lack of a balcony on our way out and they put us one floor lower (which had a balcony).

So, I had to get the cart again and go up the elevator (another long wait).  Only we accidentally got off on the sixth floor, walked into the room and saw  someone must have stolen our luggage.  But then we remembered we had to go to the 7th floor.  Another really long wait to go up that floor.

Loaded the cart and then had another really long wait to go down to the 6th floor.  We were finally in the correct room, but then there was another long wait to take the luggage cart back down to the lobby.

I saw the cart later and it sat there mocking me.

My New Best Friend, That Hard to Move Luggage Cart.  --RoadDog

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