Thursday, April 16, 2015

America's Most Thrilling Roads-- Part 3: US-12 and US-212 Out West

11.  STATE ROUTE 76-- Missouri  Willow Springs at the Oklahoma state line across the Ozarks.  Maybe I'll check it out our next 66 trip.)

12.  TWISTED SISTERS, Texas  100 miles through Texas Hill Country.

13.  TEXAS TOLLWAY 130--  41 miles long.  Opened last October with 85 mph speed limit.  With a $6.75 toll, not many cars.  How fast can you go?

14.  US 212--  Montana.  Spans four states with many, many elevation extremes.  From Yellowstone across Montana.  A spur of my US-12.

15.  US-12--  Idaho.  Lolo Pass  (Hey, US-12 is my road.)


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